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“…our trapped emotions and traumas and unprocessed life-experiences are the source of all illness that ails us. This is very much the healing experience and understanding that you offer clients, Phuong.”
-Andrea (Colorado, USA)


"Phuong has given me access to previously incurable health issues."

-Isabel (Colorado, USA)    

“You are a true healer, perhaps magical even.”
-Rachel (Colorado, USA)

“…I feel I’m healing, really healing! Your wisdom has made a big difference in my life! I am grateful to you."

-Anne (Pennsylvania, USA)


"this form of therapy is unlike any other I have experienced. fundamentally it deals with the root cause of your problems and aims to heal you from within."

_Louise (Shrewsbury, UK


“ are such a gift to the holistic world of medicine!!!”
  -Dayna (Colorado, USA)


"my first reading with Phuong I felt like a new man...trusting in Phuong is the best thing I’ve done for myself in years, if not the biggest step in personal development of my adult life so far."

-Johnny (London, UK) 


"my health and vitality has massively improved and it has had a major impact on my quality of life"

-Jeremy (UK) 


"This is the best I’ve felt in a long time." 
-Laura (Hertfordshire, UK)



"I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight, sleep better, feel more motivated and more energised!"

-Kevin (Portsmouth, UK)


“Phuong has a unique and rare gift.”
-Randy Couture (California, USA)
     (5X UFC Champion and Hollywood Action Star of The Expendables etc.)


“The most gifted natural medicine practitioner I have ever met. 
-Chris Crudelli (London, UK)
     (Author The Way of The Warrior & Host of BBC Hit TV series Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves)


"Phuong’s methodology is thorough and effective and the insights she gleans are remarkable."  
-Dr. Clara (Colorado, USA)


"I trust her, her style and how she has helped me to see what I cannot see." 
-Sarah (California, USA)


"working with her has been life changing!”
-Leslie (Missouri, USA)    


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