Shrewsbury Kinesiology 
Wholistic Kinesiology is a form of manual bio-feedback that utilizes muscle resistance testing to evaluate illness and health.  It is a comprehensive system that combines tenets of applied kinesiology, clinical kinesiology and behavioural kinesiology simultaneousluy.  Combined with chinese medicine philosophy and approach, it is both profound and accurate.   
Kinesiology is a neuro-reaction test that identifies weaknesses in the body. When there is illness or pathology, it creates a weakness that is picked up by the nervous system. We correct the weakness through appropriate remedies.  Following analysis, a unique health program is created based on your individual needs. Modalities include, but are not limited to, nutritional deficiency testing, supplement evaluation, dietary modification, cell salt therapy, herbal medicine, stress management and more.
Benefits Include:
  •  Identifying and correcting root causes of chronic issues
  • Identifying which supplements are health remedies versus which are not beneficial
  • Uncovering deficiencies, toxicities and infections before one is symptomatic
  • Determining imbalances in organ systems
  • Determining optimal diet
  • Determining and correcting allergies
  • Uncovering and correcting underlying emotional blocks
  • Maximizing potential and optimizing performance in all areas .