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Phuong Demwell, CWK
Passion for Health Care

Phuong Demwell, CWK 
Wholistic Kinesiologist with 17 years clinical experience.

Phuong (pronounced foong) Demwell began studying kinesiology as a youth in high school. As a teen, she observed her own health issues resolve through kinesiology and the naturopathic interventions of a doctor, who also happened to be the mother of a childhood friend. From that point forward, kinesiology and all its myriad applications became a driving passion.

Phuong graduated from the Wholistic Kinesiology Institute in New Mexico, USA under the tutelage of Dr J Dunn, pioneer in genetics and nutrition, founder and CEO of the wholistic kinesiology technique and wholistic methylation.

After graduating, Phuong began her practice working with a team of exceptionally talented natural health care professionals and doctors in Colorado, USA in a clinic specialising in naturopathic oncology (among other things) serving people from all over the nation.

Currently, Phuong resides in beautiful Shropshire, England with her husband and children. She has been helping clients achieve health and balance both locally and internationally for the past 17 years.